Strengthening Families Together Education





Do you have a relative or friend with a serious mental illness?
Would you like to learn more about his/her illness?

Strengthening Families Together, is a free 7-session group providing education, skill-building and support for families and friends with a loved one who is experiencing psychotic illness.

You will learn about: The medications and treatments for mental illness psychosis-Causes and Treatment

  • Psychosis – Causes and Treatment
  • Living with psychotic illness
  • Coping as a family
  • Self-Care
  • Communication
  • Advocacy & understanding the mental health system
  • Recovery

Mental Illness Family Support Services                                                                                          BC Schizophrenia Society—Nanaimo Branch will host the next group starting
FALL COURSE: Starting (Wednesday) October 10, 2018, 6:30 P.M.                Ends November 21, 2018
Pre-registration is mandatory.

Location TBA

For more information or to register:
Phone: 250-753-9923 or Email:

Strengthening Families Together Program Outline